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What’s Happening?


Seattle Public Utilities is updating our Strategic Business Plan. This plan helps us center our customers and communities in the work we do and manage our financial commitments. This update will:

  • Reflect customer and community feedback in how we approach our work
  • Build on highlighted initiatives and investments
  • Provide transparency about utility bill changes in the next 3 years
  • Refresh performance measures

We will submit the updated plan to the City of Seattle Mayor and City Council in 2024 for approval.

Strategic Business Plan Update Schedule

August 2023–
October 2023

Engage and Gather Community Feedback

November 2023–
February 2024

Develop the Updated Plan

March 2024–
June 2024

Adopt and Publish the Plan

What is Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)?

What is Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)?

Everyday SPU delivers essential, life-sustaining services while protecting public health and our environment to ensure healthy, thriving communities. SPU is dedicated to equitable water management and waste resources to preserve our environment for the generations to come.

Interested in learning more about SPU? Check out our website.

Seattle Public Utilities’ Mission: Seattle Public Utilities fosters healthy people, environment, and economy by partnering with our community to equitably manage water and waste resources for today and for future generations.

What are Seattle Public Utilities’ essential services?

What are Seattle Public Utilities’ essential services?

We manage and maintain sewers, drainage, drinking water, and waste collection services for residents and businesses in Seattle. Our design, repair, and construction activities ensure that we can provide reliable services to residents, businesses, and visitors.

  • Drinking Water: Safe and clean drinking water from our protected mountain watersheds
  • Drainage & Sewer: Sewer and drainage services that keep you healthy and reduce backups, flooding, and pollution
  • Garbage, Recycling & Compost: Waste collection, disposal, and reduction programs
  • Clean City: Removing litter, graffiti, needles, illegal dumping, and other hazards to keep Seattle clean and safe

Each year, we work to:

  • Deliver 40+ billion gallons of drinking water
  • Maintain 1,200+ miles of sewer pipes and 1,000+ miles of drainage ditches and pipes
  • Coordinate 22+ million pickups of household garbage, recycling, and compost
  • Remove 5+ million pounds of garbage and litter from public areas
  • Offer 50+ customer programs to engage with you and our communities
  • And so much more!
What is the Strategic Business Plan?

What is the Strategic Business Plan?

The Strategic Business Plan outlines the Utility’s water and waste priorities, service delivery, investments, and changes to utility rates. It is a guide for how Seattle Public Utilities will work in partnership with its community; organize, invest, and evaluate ourself; and dedicate ourself to equity, affordability, and environmental stewardship.

The Strategic Business Plan has four priority focus areas:

  • Deliver essential services. Provide safe tap water, reduce waste and litter, manage wastewater and stormwater, and respond to customers.
  • Steward environment and health. Protect water sources, increase integrated and equitable investments in water management and systems, and reduce Seattle’s waste and carbon pollution by helping transform our economy.
  • Empower our customers, community, and employees. Improve access to utility services, and partner with community organizations to increase livability and local opportunity. Cultivate and promote a more diverse and dynamic workforce.
  • Strengthen business practices. Enhance rate payer affordability while being adaptive and innovative in delivering services and managing assets and risk.

Checkout the current 2021–2026 Strategic Business Plan to learn more.

Why does our Strategic Business Plan need an update?

Why does our Strategic Business Plan need an update?

We update this plan every three years to ensure that our focus is aligned with the current needs of the community we serve and to provide our customers with predictability and stability changes to utility rates. The next update is happening in 2024, and we want you to help shape the future of your public utility.